Saturday, 10 December 2011

The First Blog

It's been an unexpected and difficult time over the past two and half years.  I gave birth to my first child on the 12th of June 2009 and within that first hour there were signs of what was to come when Connor refused to fact he screamed when we tried.

But I'll go into all of that as we go along.  Today is my first ever post so I'm just saying hi, setting up the blog and of course getting interrupted by the kids about 100 times in the process.  In fact this whole blog will be pretty much run on the kids whim as I usually only get small snippets of time to myself (as all mum's know).  :)

Today it's raining and Connor has woken up crying and grizzly.  It took half an hour to get him able to stand and play by himself as at first he thrashed and cried in my arms.  He wakes like this quite often and......

Interuption - Merryn, our precocious 8 month old, is pulling herself up to stand, well trying and she got stuck in a plank position halfway up the entertainment unit. I was saying.  He often wakes sad and crying and all you can do is cuddle him and try to distract him until he can get himself together.  He's now running around the house making moaning sounds (I think it's him talking to himself, but he doesn't talk at all yet so that's his approximation of it) and pulling things apart.  I seem to say 'No Connor!' quite a lot at the moment.

I shall have to go and get Merryn in for her morning nap.  It's nearly 8am and she's been up since 5am.  Oh did I mention I get hardly any sleep....You'll hear a lot about that.  :}

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