Thursday, 3 May 2012

Musical Beds

Last night was good and bad.  The bad was I only got a few hours broken sleep again, the good was Merryn did really well and spent the night in her cot.

Merryn woke at 10pm, 1am, 3am and just before 6am.  I fed her at 10 and 1, but I only did the 1am feed because I was out of it I had fed her before I realised what I'd done.  She settled within about 20 minutes everytime, so I'd call that a success.  When she woke up just before 6am I fed her and then came out to the lounge room and promptly fell asleep.  Andrew woke me asking where she was (she was playing in Connor's room) and I realised I couldn't stay awake so I knocked on mum's door and thankfully she took her for me so I could go and lie down again.

Connor woke at 3am.  Despite medicine, cuddles, a nappy change, milk and firm instructions to stay in bed and sleep, nothing worked.  By after 4:30am I was completely out of energy and ideas so I went back to bed and within 15 minutes he was standing by Andrew's side of the bed.  With a little help he was up and over Andrew and in the middle of us.  I was terrified he was going to wake Merryn and start jumping about but after a few minutes he just cuddled in with me and went off to sleep.  I think it was about 8am before he woke up.

It's like I'm just getting Merryn into her own bed and Connor is moving back in with us!  I'm hoping we can get through these colds and then perhaps both will start sleeping a bit less restlessly.  I choose to be optimistic so I don't go completely insane.

I still have another appointment with the Mater Sleep Clinic for Connor and another go at Ellen Barron with Merryn so even if the next few weeks don't get better I've got plans and options in place.  I find that helps to keep going, knowing there are still things to try.

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