Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Oh What A Night!

In total I think I got about three hours broken sleep last night.

The night started with Merryn waking every half hour from 9pm to midnight. From then I was getting nowhere getting her back to sleep. Andrew took over at 12:30am as I started to loose my temper and got to the point I could hardly stand up anymore. He finally got her down at 1am and I passed out.

At 2:30am Connor woke up. I tried to settle him but it was one of those nights when he just wanted to be up and playing. Prior to converting the cot that would have meant hours of screaming but now it means he wombles around his room and even escapes out on forays around the house. He climbs up on his change table and goes through his books and turns on his musical toys. It was actually much easier to cope with. There was no hysterics and everytime I came and put him in his bed he was quite happy to lie down and cuddle into his blanket. About 4am he finally went back to sleep.

4:30am Merryn woke up screaming her head off. I was out on the couch, because I could't get back to sleep from Andrews snoring, so it wasn't until he came and woke me up that I realised what was happening. Thankfully I was able to settle her quickly by breast feeding her in bed and I got to sleep until 6am when both kids bounced up ready for the day.

I can't wait until next week when I go into Ellen Barron with Merryn!!!! I know it won't fix the Connor stuff but I can cope with that if I can get her sorted out. Both of them tag teaming is just cruel.

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