Monday, 2 April 2012

Merryn's Sleep

Our little princess continues to be a challenge in the sleep department.  I know all the things I'm supposed to do to sleep train her, but I've got no reserves left for the fight and she seems to have stamina to burn.  So I went to the GP the other day and got a referral for the Ellen Barron Family Centre.  I've talked about them before, they tried to help us with Connor back in the early days.  It usually takes months to get in to see them but I got a call back the day after my form went in and they said they will get us in, in a few weeks time.

I'm really relieved.  Andrew and I are struggling to keep up with both kids at night and if she screams for too long then it wakes Connor up.  He wakes up often enough all on his own without help and these days if he wakes up it's usually for the rest of the night (I think because he's getting much better sleep early in the evening from the Melatonin so he has more reserves to fight going back to sleep again).  The result is I give in and she sleeps in bed with me waking me up every few hours to resettle her.  Not a sustainable solution, but if I don't then she yells and screams for hours.

So it's boot camp for Merryn and I.  Connor will stay home with daddy and hopefully they will have a quieter and more sleep filled week with us out of the mix.  And of course I hope by the end of it Merryn will be sleeping in her cot at night and having proper daytime sleeps (she maybe sleeps for 30min twice a day if I'm lucky).

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