Friday, 6 April 2012

Little Miss Merryn can Boo!

As all parents do, I play games with my kids and peek-a-boo is a favourite (singing songs being the undeniable top of the charts).  For a while now Merryn would cover her face with her hands to peek back, but this week she's started to say Boo as well.  It's kind of more of a B and very little oo, but I know what she means.  She has such an intense look on her face as she is doing it which is followed by delighted giggles.  It's soooo cute!

It's even more wonderful to me because Connor still doesn't do things like that.  I've been told (and read) that FXS is very different in girls and Merryn's Boo seems like a good sign to me.  Of what I don't know, but it seems good.  :)

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