Saturday, 30 July 2016

Fragile X Awareness month - Day 30

If we are to believe the news then things are pretty dire and you should lock your doors and not go out. I can tell you our experience this past month has been there are a lot more wonderful people out there, than the minority who get all the screen time.

Every chemist, daycare, therapist, school, parent, child, journalist, public servant, in fact everyone we talked to, said yes. Yes to putting up posters, putting fund raising boxes on counters, lighting up bridges, doing news stories, wearing orange for a day, buying a ribbon. Nothing was too much. And in most cases they offered more. They asked questions about Fragile X and were genuinely interested.

Already we've heard stories of chemists being asked more questions because our flyers were out, been approached by parents getting their kids tested, and been asked about what's happening next year. I've sat in a classroom and had grade 6 students engaged and asking insightful questions The parents of kids have told us they have had their kids come home and excitedly tell them all about FX. We've had a 9 year old making home made posters and googling to get more info. We've had countless conversations with people asking to know more, taking flyers and digging through their cupboards to find something orange.

This has been an inspiring month. All of you wonderful people have made me realise that all we have to do is speak to raise awareness. That our community is strong and the people of this country are compassionate and caring.

Thank you everyone.

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