Friday, 16 December 2011

Little Steps

What a lovely day.  Every little victory is so hard won that it makes it exceptionally sweet.

Moment 1: For Connor's first birthday his lovely aunty gave him a little square trampoline because he has always loved to jump.  For a very long time he wouldn't get on it, then he wouldn't jump on it, then he would only jump on it if I held his hands.  Today my boy walked up to the trampoline, got on it and jumped all by himself.  I managed to get a short little video of it.  Such joy on his face.

Moment 2: Merryn adores her brother.  Now she is mobile (8 months old and crawling and pulling herself up on furniture, I'm in so much trouble with her) she follows Connor around as much as she can.  He adores her back and tries to play with her, but is generally a bit rough.  This afternoon he spotted his beloved iPhone (ok really my iPhone but with some games on that he loves) but the only path to me and the phone was over the top of his sister.  With delicate precision he carefully placed his feet so he wouldn't step on her despite his excitement.  It showed such thought and care, he got a big hug and kiss from his mummy.

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