Friday, 4 May 2012

My Sick Boy

This week just keeps rolling on. Connor woke up coughing and having problems breathing which meant he was hysterical. I was already dealing with Mez again by then (about 10pm) so Andrew tried to calm and settle him. Eventually we did a swap (after Connor had vomited all over himself, Andrew and his bed) and after cleaning up the mess and breaking out the serious drugs for Connor I got him to sleep while Andrew got our girl sorted. The little man was passed out until 5am after those few hours of mayhem, but woke up and vomited all through his bed, so I had to clean him up and pull him into my bed where he passed out again. I think the stress, discomfort and mucus is making him sick. He has a tendency to vomit when he is overwhelmed and unwell. The little girl is feeling unwell but is definitely not nearly as bad and only woke three times letting me resettle her back in her cot each time. I'm so proud of her. I hope Connor is feeling better soon!

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