Monday, 13 March 2017

Fragile X Carrier - Inflammation & Immune System

I go from having weeks of working like crazy, getting huge amounts done at home, and for the business I'm building with my sister, to hitting a wall.  My brain shuts down, I'm tired, I can't even figure out what I need to do, let alone do it.

Recent tests done my GP showed my immune system is attacking itself and I have constant pain from inflammation.  After putting a post up on our Fragile X Facebook page, it was revealed I am not alone.  A lot of carriers are having the same problems.

With mum's health deteriorating with terrifying speed from FXTAS and Parkinsons (induced by the FXTAS) and the passing of another of our FX carrier sisters out of the blue recently, I've really started to think about my own health.  The process of having my three kids has blown my weight out by 25kg and I'm starting to see more and more symptoms that don't bode well.

Starting this month I'm going to be implementing some new things.  I want to try different ideas and see how/if they help.  To help keep track of it all I'll be blogging about the process.

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