Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Burning - Warning Graphic Content

Last night was another of the 2am wake ups.  Thankfully it only took about 30m to change his nappy, give him some milk and cuddles and settle him back into bed.  I have no idea what woke him, although he did have a very wet nappy so maybe that was it.

But that's really just a normal night, in fact I'd say an easy night, since he settled so quickly and then slept through until 7am (his sister was up at 5am of course).  What is really bugging me is the burning is getting worse this week.  This is one of those topics that people might not be that keen on hearing about, but it's one of the things about Connor that really worries me.  Since he was a baby he has had times when his poo burns his bottom right off.  When I say that I mean the skin goes red, blisters and then burns completely off forming open sores (I'll spare you the pictures I took for the Doctor).  It's just awful, I have to clean him off and apply lots of cream and then get his nappy back on, all while he screams in pain.  Thankfully lots of Sudocrem seems to help it heal fairly quickly (within a day or a few days when it's really bad).

This week he's been getting progressively worse, not quite open sores yet, but this afternoons was pretty bad.   It always leaves me wracking my brain trying to figure out what he's eaten in the last few days.  When he was about 19 months old we took him off all forms of dairy (he was only on goat milk formula by then) and that stopped the vomiting and dramatically reduced these incidences.  I am super careful about what he eats and have had him tested for allergies (nothing came back).  So obviously he is sensitive/intolerant to some things, but what?  The allergist recommended I try Sue Shepherd (http://shepherdworks.com.au/disease-information/low-fodmap-diet) who has done a lot of work on how sugars impact people.  I bought her book and made more modifications.  Still this happens (although I think it has helped).

The list of problems and things I've tried to solve them all is long, so very long.  My brain is fried, my energy low.  I know some things we have tried have helped and that things are slowly getting better, but it's a long road and we're not moving very fast.  Gripe, grump, winge.  :)

On the up side, his daytime sleeps have been wonderful again of late.  A weighted blanket and massage have been added to the routine and he seems to go down very easily at the moment.  Night time still takes a few hours as usual but I'm less involved as the baby is going down then too, so perhaps that makes a difference.  Not that Andrew isn't awesome, just that Connor is a bit of a mummies boy.  Who knows, we'll keep working on it.

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