Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Ellen Barron Family Centre (take 2) - Day 3

The second night went well too.  After going straight to sleep at about 7:30pm, Merryn woke at 10:30pm for a breastfeed, got patted back to sleep quite quickly just after midnight, slept through to 4:30am and had a breastfeed and then didn't wake for the day until 6:50am.  That meant I got a few really good blocks of sleep and felt like I'd been hit by a truck as I'd not had so much sleep for a very long time.

A few minutes after I picked Mez out of the cot the nurses knocked on the door, so they must have noticed she was gone (did I mention there is window in the hall so they can see into the nursery?).  We did the usual rundown (I haven't been bothering to call them much during the night as it's been going so well) and Merryn and I headed down for breakfast.  As usual Merryn mowed through a few courses of fruit and toast and cereal putting the other kids to shame.  I don't know where she puts it.

It was time for play in the playroom then.  Merryn loves it and I got to sit and chat with other parents.  All you have to do is ask how their night went and the conversation flows from there.  I'm always amazed at the things people have been going through with their kids and it's not just first time parents either.  There are people in there with 3 or 4 kids and it's the youngest one who has the 'issues'.
Merryn looooved the Frog puppet
Just before 10am Merryn was showing sleep signs so we headed in for the morning sleep.  Disaster!  The same result as yesterday, screaming that escalated to vomiting.  I was really not happy and decided I needed to rethink our strategy.  I put her in the Ergo and went for a walk down to the local shopping centre for a coffee (actually a Soy Chai Latte because I can't have caffeine or dairy).  Then we headed back to Ellen Barron for a quick lunch (she was so tired she could hardly eat)  and I got Merryn in for her sleep just after noon.  Not surprisingly she feel asleep instantly and slept for 1.5 hours and I got to have a nap too.  Bliss.

Merryn had just woken up when the Doctor came for a chat. We talked about Merryn's Fragile X and where we were up to with getting her assessed and finding her a Developmental Pediatrician.  Which basically is at the beginning, all I have done is have her tested so far.  The Doctor recommended we try to get her into the same Dev Ped as Connor.  I hadn't thought I could do that because she is with a Developmental Team but the Doctor assured me she could do that and it was worth asking about.  I'll chase that next week when we get out.

My sister, Shelley dropped in for a quick visit with a few things I needed and we took the kids (her 3 and Mez) to the outdoor play area so hers could go nuts while we chatted.  It's always good to talk things through with Shell.  She knows exactly where I'm coming from, both as a sister and also because she has an Aspergers and Fragile Xy of her own.  There is definitely something a bit hinky on the genetics side in my family (wish we'd known that a few years ago).

The afternoon flew by with snack and playgroup time, which Mez loved and actually got up and had a dance (you know that little bob babies do, it's soooo cute)!  She went down to sleep really well about 6:30pm and then the night was on.  She was up every few hours, she was grizzling and really hard to settle, it was an absolute shocker.  Felt like what it's like at home.  I was horrified, were we really going back to the same old ways!!!


  1. hey there. I have found your blog by accident looking up stuff about the ellen barron family centre. I must say that you are doing an amazing job! Just reading some of your articles gives me hope! I can't even imagine what you have been through and how exhausting your every day (and night!) life must be! I feel proud of you!
    Hang in there! Keep going! Your children are worth every effort!
    thank you for charing your story!
    ps: love your photos of the birth centre (been there too) :)

  2. Hi Anne,
    Thanks so much for you support! Things have definitely improved, we still have some very long nights, but we have good ones too.
    I hope you have had a positive experience with Ellen Barron.