Monday, 7 May 2012

40 Degrees

After the visit to the emergency room Connor continued to have temperatures and lie in my lap groaning and grizzling.  By lunchtime Sunday I was convinced the Dr had it wrong and he really did have some sort of infection and we needed to take him back in.

All four of us trooped up to Emergency and waited the 2 1/2 hours to get in to the Dr.  I'm glad we did.  His temp had reached 40 Celcius by then and he does indeed have an infection.  The Dr said his eardrums had probably perforated in the past few days from the pressure and his tonsils are red and swollen.  

They gave him a dose of Pain Stop and within 10min he was leaping about like a maniac.  He was his normal self.  In short he's been in terrible pain and the Panadol we've been giving him hasn't been enough to control it.  He's now on Pain Stop for a few days and should stop having temps by Tuesday (or we need to take him back in).  It's going to take a few months for his ears to properly recover and we need to get him checked by the GP in a few weeks.

So after the week from hell, I'm hoping (I seem to say I'm hoping a lot) this week is going to calm down and both my kids will get more sleep and feel better.

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