Monday, 23 July 2012

I Hate Him

Since the respite Connor has slept in bed with me every night.  From the last night he started with night terrors and would come out at about 9pm and just scream hysterically until he finally passed out.  So now some nights he starts out in his bed, some nights in the lounge room, some nights he just comes in with me.    Sometimes he stays asleep most of the night but usually there are hours when he's rolling around moaning or screaming or he just sits up and wants to play.  Putting him in his bed just makes him scream hysterically.

There is no escape.

Three years of no sleep and I'm just about ready to kill myself.  There doesn't seem to be an answer, he's on slow release melatonin now, he doesn't sleep during the day, I've tried every technique known on this planet.  At the end of the day he is broken and I have to figure out how 3 hours of broken sleep is supposed to keep me alive.

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