Friday, 6 January 2012

The Burning

This past month has been a terrible one for the burning.  Christmas Day he got one that burnt a hole right through his inner thigh.  We had to bandage it up (thank goodness my aunt who's a nurse was here) and it took a week to heal.  Since then we've had other minor burns and yesterday another bad one all over his groin.

He has an appointment with the pediatrician  in February when I'll be asking once again how far off allergy testing is for him.  I can't bear to see him screaming in pain while I have to clean him off and it's happening way too often.  The problem is there are only a few allergy specialists in Queensland so the waiting lists are huge!  I just hope we've progressed through the list and he can see one soon.  I don't give him dairy, I've tried to cut out the wrong sugars, I'm trying everything I can think of.  I need some medical help on this one.

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