Friday, 13 January 2012

Getting His Diet Right

It's been a bad week.  Connor has woken screaming most nights somewhere around 1:30am with a couple of 9pm ish nightmares thrown in too.  I'm suspicious of some lactos free yoghurt I was trying.  He's not been sleeping during the day and he's been really wired and not as responsive as he usually is.  He's off the yoghurt now (which breaks his heart and he's still searching the fridge for it) but I'm hoping tonight is going to be better.  He went to sleep really well and hasn't woken with a nightmare yet.

He's seemed...there is no good way to say this...very retarded this week.  Flapping and his mannerisms and not listening, as well as repeatedly doing things I keep asking him not too.  It's very scary.  I just can't help wondering if this is it.  If he's never going to develop more than where he is right now.  That is a very real possibility with this syndrome.  I'm wondering if I'm the right person to be his mum, if I can do this, if I can cope.  I love him, but can I raise him and look after him.  How did it all come to this.

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