Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Child Psychologist Update

We have been doing quite well working through all the anxiety stuff.

The daytime is progressing well with Connor having play dates over at his aunty and even spending all of Play Group last week with the Carer while I went off to another appointment.  Apparently he was concerned and looked for me but didn't get upset or vomit.  BIG improvement, next years is looking very promising.  The efforts being made to give him more confidence are paying off very well.  I'm so relieved.

The night time hasn't progressed far but we have made some forward progress.  He no longer goes to sleep on the couch out in the lounge room, we can put him in his bed with his milk and he goes to sleep by himself.  I have to go in and sleep with him (his bed is now a queen size bed to make it more comfortable) or he will wake up screaming hysterically and run down the hall looking for us about 9:30pm.  After that it takes hours to get him settled and back to sleep and then there is no guarantee it won't happen again a few hours later.

The psychologist is really happy with his progress and has said to keep doing what we are doing with the night time and not try to move out of his room too quickly.  Hopefully by the time he's 18 I'll get to move back in with Andrew.  :)

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