Saturday, 25 August 2012

Sleep Update

I'm always quick to report the bad sleeping, but I've not been so quick to report the good.  Maybe I was worried I'd jinx it.  :)

The little cherubs have actually been pretty consistent for a few weeks now.  Both wake once during the night (with occasional nights where they sleep through, but not on the same night of course) and then sleep through to between 5 or 6am.  Actually Connor is the 5am riser, Merryn wakes then, but if I go in and breastfeed her she will go back to bed for another 1-1.5hours.
Passed out on his couch before being transferred into bed.

Overall I'd say Merryn is doing a wonderful job, she is still having nights where I need to breastfeed her to settle her, but mostly we can just pat her back to sleep for those midnight wake ups.  Considering she eats like a horse all day long, I think some nights she is genuinely still hungry.  I don't know where she puts all the food!

The little man usually goes for a roll around the bed at some point during the night.  He groans and rolls and kicks and is generally disruptive.  Sometimes he resettles and other times I have to get up and get warm milk and melatonin.  Of course there are still the nights where nothing works like last night.  We've been up since 3am....actually I've been up since 3am.  He went back to sleep about 5:30am, just in time for Merryn to wake up for the day.

But this is a positive report, so I will just be grateful that this is not the norm anymore and try to have a nap sometime today.  :)

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