Saturday, 4 August 2012

The Light List

I have been terribly down for a while now, it's hard to find a light at the end of this tunnel. That being said there really are lots of positive things that I should pause to acknowledge. These are the things that keep me going and give my life meaning:
- Connor and Merryn, they are exasperating and frustrating and exhausting and special and surprising and absolutely wonderful....depending on the time of day. :)
- Andrew, who spends a lot of nights up with kids too, who is my partner through the good and bad and hasn't once thought to run away.
- My kids giggles and cuddles.
- My sister, who is on the same journey (almost identical down to the Fragile X son) and knows me better than anyone but loves me anyway and listens to all my complaints.
- My friends, who send me messages of encouragement that make me cry and lift my spirits and make me realise I'm not alone in the world.
- The respite people who now come to my house during the week, having them is starting to make me feel more human again.
- The councellor who is helping us work through it all.
- The therapists and specialists and health professionals we see who are very understanding of mummy's who are on the edge and help us as much as they can.
- The other mums I meet who also have special needs kids, everyone of them is so dedicated to their kids and so willing to fight the fight, they keep me inspired and give such great advice.

In a week I speak to countless people as we go to appointments and various activities and it would be a rare day that I come across anyone who isn't nice. We are pretty lucky to live where we are and have what we have.

I just have to try to remember that on the crap days, but now I have this list to refer back to. :) Love and light to everyone.

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