Monday, 24 September 2012

New Communication Strategy For Connor

We are trying a new application for the iPad to help Connor communicate.  The app is called Sounding Board and the Speech Therapist has recommended we try this approach because the PECs and sign language attempts have been largely unsuccessful.  Although Connor does use one or two of the cards, he ignores them mostly and won't use any but the few he really likes.  This has made it impossible to expand on it and use it as a communication system.

The idea of the app is you take photos of things like toys, food etc and attach the sound of your voice saying the word to them.  Connor can then tap on the picture to ask for things.  We can also create icons for words like help.  He is responding well so far, so I just have to keep practicing with him.  The hope is he will respond more to this technique as he looooves his iPad and it also makes sounds.

*cross fingers*

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