Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Fragile X Awareness month - Day 19

Everyone has their opinions about how other people should raise their families, how many kids they should have; there is nothing that is off limits. I had people make it clear they thought I shouldn't have had Merryn after all our difficulties with Connor and the comments about having Liam, well lets just say there are people who no longer speak to us at all.

I however think things worked out how they were meant to. All of my children drive each other crazy (and me in the process) arguing and fighting over any little thing. The noise in this house on any given day can be deafening. However, they also adore each other. The acts of love and kindness are just as frequent as the arguments and they are genuinely happy to see each other at the end of the school day.

They also learn a lot from each other. I see Connor learning so much from his brother and sister, that he would never get as an only child. I was made to feel like I was failing him by not focusing just on him, but that's not how it's turned out. All our kids get cuddles and love from their parents, but they also have a bond with their siblings. Just because a child has special needs, does not mean they don't need family and I think that is something that gets lost in all the clinical analysis.

For us, our little family may be chaotic and very full on, but we have each other and that is priceless.


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