Wednesday, 18 January 2012


We've had a big day today and it's only half done. :)

This morning we went to FECS (Family and Early Childhood Services) which is a part of Disability Services. We were lucky enough to be accepted into their program at the end of last year, which gives Connor access to Speech and Occupational Therapists, Physios and Psychologists. Today was the planning session to tell them what the goals are I'd like to achieve and where Connor is up to developmentally at the moment.

The goals I set were communication and sleeping. Sleeping is of course always high on my mind with the lack of it we get around here and the difficulties Connor has getting good quality sleep. They have promised me some home visits by the Psychologist. I am both excited and terrified of that. What if she comes and sees I've been doing it all wrong the whole time! Oh well, it's not about me, it's about making things better for Connor.

The communication is also a big deal. Since Connor is completely non-verbal I have to interpret his grunts, shoving, pulling, hand grabbing and tears. For the most part we do OK, but it would be wonderful to actually communicate with him on a higher level and for me not to have to guess all the time.

We will get our schedule in a few weeks time and start therapy in early February. I can't wait. We've not been able to do any therapy since before Christmas, as we ran out of funding, and I can really see a difference in him. I think he was really enjoying the challenges of therapy and he is bored. I need to take up the slack and do more with him, which means being better organised.

*sound of whip cracking*

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