Monday, 16 January 2012


We were out and about yesterday doing a spot of geocaching with the kids.  Lots of driving to a place, getting out, hunting for little plastic boxes then back in the car.  Our kids are very good about it, all things considered.

At one point I was carrying Connor, who was getting tired so didn't want to walk anymore.  He started blowing raspberries and I was blowing them back and there was lots of eye contact and giggles.  It felt like a moment of connection like he was really trying to communicate with me.  Usually if you do something and then pause he doesn't do it back.  Children as supposed to mimic but he's never really done that.  Yesterday I would raspberry and stop then he would and back and forth.  A real dialogue of lip smacking.  :)

I take heart in those moments.  When his beautiful grey eyes look into mine and he gives me one of his precious smiles.  It gives me hope that one day I will get to have a conversation with him....a real conversation with words and everything.  Today he is back to pointing and grabbing my hands to do things and not making eye contact.  But for a moment yesterday.....

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