Monday, 24 September 2012

Singing The Words

Connor has started to sing!

He has always loved music and I have used singing as a way to calm him since he was a baby.  In the past few weeks though he's started to do little motions with songs (like the wheels on the bus) and he sings the tunes with nonsense sounds.  Occasionally he even uses real words like Beep, Beep and Baa, Baa!!!

I'm sooo thrilled, something has made a connection in his mind and helped him make a leap.  I've asked the therapists about music therapy and they are looking into what is available in our area.  Connor always has music playing on any toy or device (iPhone or iPad) that he is using, so I'm not surprised to see him respond to a musical approach.  I'd just like to figure out a good way to use it.

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