Thursday, 28 February 2013

New FXS Research Break Through

I follow the National Fragile X Foundation Facebook page (the US organisation helping spread the word about FXS and support research and education) and saw this article today:

Of course I know it will be years before anything makes it to the general public, let-alone kids here in Australia but my heart certainly did skip a beat.  How amazing would it be for Autistic and FXS kids and families to have even some relief from the symptoms. 

I watch Connor stuggle everyday with learning even the simplest things, and trying to understand how to interact with the world around him.  I wish an easier path for him and the ability to communicate all the amazing thoughts and feelings that I know are swimming around in his mind.

Merryn is doing so very well with her development but I still see her heightened anxiety coming out and her struggle to learn this funny thing we call language.  It would be so wonderful if she didn't have to spend her whole life dealing with the anxiety and depression that so often plagues our FXS girls.

No matter what happens, they are my beautiful children, but if this research ends up making their lives just a little bit easier then I'm all for it!

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