Friday, 14 December 2012

What a whirlwind!

Wow what a crazy couple of months!  We have bought and moved into our new house, had about a million appointments for the kids, organised Connor for Kindy for next year and done lots of visits to prime him, and organised Merryn for one day a week of day care.

So where do I start......Well the house is fabulous and the kids are loving it.  They can now wander in and out of the house and yard at will (it's not too many steps down into the yard and it's all fenced and safe) and they love the new trampoline.  Connor is developing some serious leg muscles!

The sleeping went seriously downhill over the past few months and Merryn's eczema got so bad that she was scratching till she bled.  No surprise that we were getting no sleep at all with her and she went from night weened to breast feeding all night again for comfort.  During that time Andrew was in all night with Connor who has taken to pulling his bits out and weeing all over the bed.  Andrew and I were averaging about 3 hours of sleep a night and a pair of walking zombies.  Thankfully things have turned around on that front now though.  We got into a dermatologist for Mez who has oils, creams and a treatment and management plan that is working.  Within a few days of starting the treatment she started to sleep better and the eczema cleared up almost overnight.  I was stunned and thrilled.  And both Andrew and I are out of Connor's room and only go in to help him get to sleep if he gets distressed.  This has all just come about in the last week though, so I'm not getting my hopes up it will continue just yet.  Call me a cynic, but have 3.5 years I know better.  :)

Merryn has had some more assessments and has come out as average across the board!  She is on the low side of average for her communication, but never-the-less the results were awesome!  She is doing really well, other than the fact she is soooo stubborn and has taken to have temper tantrums where she throws herself on the floor.  I hope she grows out of this phase soon!

We have been going down to Connor's new kindy for an our every week to get him used to the teachers and environment.  He seems to really like it down there so I have high hopes that he will be ok if we transition him in gently next year.  I also got the carer to do a few days in at ECDP without me.  That went really well, so I think next year at ECDP should be fine.  I can't believe it's all coming together!  6 months ago I didn't think he's even make it out of the house.

Once I realised I could get some assistance for child care I made some enquiries for Mez to go to day care once a week while Connor is in kindy.  It's all organised for her to go in on Fridays and the day care is next door to the kindy so it will be really convenient.  I'm going to start her there before the kindy term starts though because I think I'll need to ease her into it.

The other main development has been around Connor's words.  He now says done, bath and car and is consistently using the more sign.  He fills in heaps of words when we sing Wheels On The Bus, Baa Baa Black Sheep and a few other songs, but that is more phonetics than actual words.  He just loves making sounds with music.  I have to make some enquiries at a local place that does music therapy.  I think he would love it.

So that's a bit of an update on us.  I'm off to write Christmas cards, I'm sooo not ready for Christmas, but at least I got the tree and some decorations up.  :)

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