Thursday, 27 September 2012

Merryn's Eczema

Last night was one of the worst nights I've ever had with Merryn.  She went to bed OK, but was awake by 9pm.  By 10:30pm, both Andrew and I were getting cranky with each other from the stress of her constant screaming and Connor had been woken up in the process.  If you went in and cuddled her or patted her in the cot she would settle to sleep, but 5min later she was going nuts again.

In desperation I went in to our bed with Merryn and Andrew went in with Connor.  Connor settled for Andrew but I was up nearly the whole night with little miss.  She would cuddle up and go to sleep for 5 or 10 minutes, then suddenly wake and start thrashing around, and that was with two lots of Melatonin by this stage.  I got to the point where I got very upset with her and eventually she fell asleep for a few hours before dawn.

It wasn't until the sun came up that I realised what had been going on.  Her entire body was covered with the worst eczema that I've ever seen on her.  For some reason overnight it had gone crazy and the poor little love was so itchy she was jumping out of her skin.  Did I feel like the worst parent in the world or what!!!  I have absolutely no idea what caused such a huge reaction, which is quite concerning.  So today she's had and antihistamine liquid, been covered in moisturiser and quarterzone cream and been wearing a full body suit to stop her ripping her skin off.

I really hope it all works in time for us to get some sleep tonight.

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