Saturday, 28 January 2012

1st Day Back At Playgroup

Last year Connor got accepted into the Early Childhood Development Program (ECDP) for the playgroup program. We went to a few sessions at the end of the term and Connor and I both really loved it. Today was our first day of the new term and we headed out with Merryn and G'ma in tow.

Connor just loved it.  I knew it was going to well even as we pulled up and he recognised the school, I got a swift kick in the back of the seat and loud sounds of excitement coming from behind me.  The teacher from last year was there to great us and Connor straight away went to exploring the room and testing everything out.

There are only 3 other kids in Connor's class at the moment.  We have a little girl with CHARGE Syndrome, a little boy with Downs Syndrome and a new little boy that I think might be autistic.  I always like to tread softly with other parents when asking about their kids, so I haven't asked his mum yet.

It was a lovely morning and Connor did really well.  We did singing, where he squirmed half the time and was excited and happy for the rest, we did craft and we did free playtime.  In craft we had to paint and use glue and stick things down.  Even as recently as November of last year he was still gagging and pulling away when presented with paint and textures that were too confronting.  But this time he got right into it.  He helped me squeeze out the glue and push the wool and macaroni down to make his face and he loved the painting so much we had to get him a second sheet of paper.  He ended up with paint all over him and I was just pleased as punch.  :)

By near the end of the session he was absolutely exhausted and had started to take toys off to quiet corners so we headed home a little early.  Both kids had a good sleep that day and mummy sat on the couch for a while too.  :)

I'm very glad to be back to playgroup.

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