Thursday, 19 January 2012

Gentle Heart

Since about the second week Merryn was born Connor has adored her. He smiles at her, 'kisses' her (headbutt really but it's done with love and we have taught him to be 'gentle', even if his enthusiasm means he does it about 20 times), and loves to play with her. Merryn for her part thinks her brother is the best person in the universe and smiles adoringly at him and crawls around after him.

Yesterday Connor had once again stolen Merryn's fairy wand. She got it for Christmas and has hardly got a look in over her brother who thinks the tinkling sound it makes when you wave it is the best sound ever. I've been telling him he needs to share and that it's Merryn's wand and she should have a turn too, for a few days now. Honestly I don't really think he takes in 90% of what I say, but sometimes he surprises me.

After I had once again mentioned to him that he should share with Merryn he did just that! He sat down in front of her on the floor with the wand and pushed it toward her. Then after a few moments he took it back and waved it around, then put it back in front of her again. This went on for about 5 minutes, with Merryn grinning like a fool because her big brother was so focused on her and completely ignoring the proffered wand.

I just stood there in wonder. I was so proud of him and I gave him big hugs and let him know he'd done a wonderful job.

Makes me wonder how much he's really taking in now. I'll have to be more careful. :)

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  1. What a sweet boy! He really is taking everything in, I've learned the hard way ;-) my 7 has the vocab of a teen in certain less appropriate areas ;-)