Wednesday, 18 January 2012


Ah well, one night in a week is still a good thing right?

Connor took two hours to get to sleep last night, woke up an hour later screaming and took both Andrew and I to get him calmed and back to sleep. Then he woke again at 3am (made worse for me because I'd been up with a distraught Merryn from 1am to 2am), which thankfully was just a nappy change a bit of milk and he was back to sleep again.

I had mad plans to not let him sleep today, but he is currently passed out in his cot and I just can't wake him. With all the fighting I do to get him to sleep, when it happens I don't like to mess with him. Not to mention if you wake him up before he's ready he can cry for 30+ minutes.

Andrew and I are supposed to be going to the movies tonight....G'ma is in for a tough night of babysitting methinks....oops....

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