Saturday, 28 January 2012

Video Bar and Links

In preparation for the new Australian Fragile X DVD I've added the Video Bar. I'm expecting word any day now that it has been completed and am looking forward to seeing the final edit.

In the meantime I've included some links to the Living With Fragile X DVD that was made in the US a while ago. The information about the kids and what they do is still exactly the same, I was ticking things off the list as they went through some of the characteristics. Connor certainly is a 'classic' case.

I've also added some new links into the Important Links list, along with Living With Fragile X I've now included FRAXA.  FRAXA is an organisation that raises money for and researches a cure for Fragile X.

I live in hope every single day that something can be done for my son.  I love him so much as he is but I grieve for all the things in life he will never do or have, like having a family.

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