Thursday, 26 January 2012

Teeny Tiny Walky Talkies?

Connor went to sleep fairly quickly and easily last night. Invariably that translates into the rest of the night not being so great. An hour after going to sleep he woke screaming hysterically and took 1/2 an hour to settle.

That wasn't so bad really, it was the 3:30am wake up that has me lying on the couch yelling at Connor to get off his sister because I'm too tired to get up. Both kids started at pretty much the same time. Merryn (who co-sleeps with us) leapt up and started playing. She's not been back to sleep yet and it's nearly 8am. Connor started grizzling a few minutes later and even after a nappy change and milk has also not gone back to sleep. I'm convinced they're in cahoots and have tiny Walky Talkies they are coordinating their movements with.

You've just got to respect the stamina of kids.

Well mum is up (she has just moved in for a while, did I mention that already?), so I should try to pry myself off the couch and organise breakfast.

Happy Australia Day!!!

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