Monday, 30 January 2012


Once of the classic symptoms of a Fragile X child is the spinning.  From a very early age Connor started spinning everything he could get his hands on.  Often the first thing he does when presented with a new toy or object is to test how well it spins.  His favourite toys are the ones that not only have their own function but also spin really well i.e. his shape sorter.

This morning he raided the coasters, AGAIN, and started spinning two on the floor simultaneously.  I'm supposed to redirect him to more productive play when he starts doing this, so he doesn't just focus in on the spinning and phase the world out.  Prior to doing that though I had to take some video of his efforts, I think the co-ordination it takes to do what he does is quite impressive, especially for a two year old.  I've put the video on YouTube and the link is on the menu to the right under Connor's Videos.

I should note that I've seen him do the same trick with 4 plates at once too.  We need to find him a circus to join.  :)

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