Wednesday, 24 April 2013

ECDP Cut Backs - What We Are Doing For Connor

I've had a few meetings since I last posted.  I've seen my local State member Jason Woodforth, I've talked to the local special school ECDP co-ordinator, and I've met with our ECDP co-ordinator about what we are doing for Connor.

Jason Woodforth talked a lot of politician speak, but did say he'd talk to federal members to see what plans they have for disability funding and schemes if/when the LNP win the election this year.  I need to send him an email outling my families particular story (to backup the discussion we had and put it in writing) and we will see what happens from there.  He did say he didn't think there was much he could do as the ECDP funding comes from the Federal Government who are of course ALP, even though the money is managed on a state level (by the LNP in Qld).  I left the meeting feeling like I'd not really achieved anything at all but I had gathered some more information.

The meeting with my local special school HOSES was equally unsatisfying.  She said there's nothing they can do and that this has been coming for quite some time now.  When I asked how I'm supposed to work out if Connor needs special school support or not (since we have to decide where our kids go BEFORE they can be verified) she said I can get him assessed via my ECDP and they can submit that paperwork to them.  So once again more work for me, but at least a plan was forming.

My meeting yesterday with our HOSES went well.  I told her we needed to do the assessment and she was happy to get that kicked off for me(the process can take up to 6 months!).  I also said while we are doing that I need to figure out what main stream school I should be looking at in case that was the best path.  She said she'd check my closest schools with SEP's.

That afternoon she called me with the closest and I called their HOSES to chat about Connor and work out what I can go down to see the school.

So the current update is this: I am writing some letters to go to my local member and also federal and state politicians, we are starting the process of getting Connor assessed to see what his school needs ACTUALLY are (since our 'education' department aren't interested in doing that), and I'm going to see local schools to see what they can offer and if Connor would cope in that environment.

I'm tired just writing it all..... :}


  1. Hi,Connors mum, what an amazing mother you are. G'ma here, I wrote earlier re my grandson & how my daughter has had her life & plans for her little boy turned upside down due to this decision. I simply cannot get my head around this decision. Who on earth came up with it? We cannot find a thing on any ed qld site in regards to this change. It's so heartless, and I somehow was silly enough to think our country and the great state of qld came out of the dark ages in regards to special needs children decades ago. Have you been given any reason apart from funding as to why they would do this to our children. It can't just be money, qld is spending 13 million on a water pipeline that's never been used! They simply cannot justify funding as the reason when they can spend money like that. My grandson has autism. He is a very bright and loveable little boy. He will be able to go to school full time hopefully by yr 1 but will need support, I imagine he always will in some form, can't these people see by taking away this critical year from them that they place them even further behind nt children and makes it harder for teachers,aides and support workers who will have them full time. Oh dear, I'm having a rant to one who knows, maybe we could talk to ACA or other news programs about it, it all seems so 'hush hush' I'm sure there would be outrage if the wider community knew and understood what is happening to our little ones. Bless youydear, keep fighting, we will too.

  2. Sorry for the delay in replying, things got a bit crazy for us last year and I'm only just getting my head back together.

    In short the money is federal and the admin is state. So when the federal government reduced the funding, the state government decided to remove that part of the program. My understanding is they will progressively keep cutting it back until it is scrapped completely.

    Feel free to rant away. I don't think enough of us are ranting loud enough. :)

    Your grandson and daughter are lucky to have such a caring G'ma. xxx