Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Connor's Little Steps

Connor has his own way of communicating with the world and showing affection.

He has always loved cuddles but he doesn't put his arms around another person he just leans on you. This afternoon he came and sat beside me on the couch, took my arm and put it around him and snuggled in.

He's just recently started doing kisses too. Every-now-and-then he'll actually use his lips and give me a kiss.

It's just so beautiful seeing him starting to reach out more and more. I think Kindy is helping him a lot in this area.

One of the little girls in his class seems very fond of him. She spotted him and called out the other day when we were picking Merry up from day care. When Connor saw her he ran right to her up and smiled. She reached out and touched his face and then he reached out and touched her face back! I just about started crying on the spot. I wish I'd been able to video it.

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