Wednesday, 1 May 2013

ECDP Cut Backs - Main Stream School

Andrew and I took Connor down to our local school yesterday to meet the HOSES and see what it was like. It's a lovely school and all the staff were very friendly and seemed nice. They have their own ECDP (which I didn't know about) and of course an SEP (special education program) which is why we were there.

In short I think they were a bit worried by the level of support Connor will need. While they said they would of course take him if that's what we wanted, they are very interested in the assessment results and more importantly what the special school say. I think they are hoping he will be going there instead.

The teachers are only just starting to find out about the ECDP cut backs, the fact that some teachers and aides will be sacked, and that there are policy and procedure changes being put in place to cater for it all. Most families still haven't been told. The HOSES have a meeting with Qld Ed on the 7th of May where all is to be revealed.

My plan is to wait until then, get all the information I can from all my sources and then launch my email and petition campaign. I have been talking to a variety of people to get an overall picture and I hope that other families will also send in their stories, to try and get some exposure on the real impact this all has.

I find the hypocrisy of all this truly amazing. As they make cutbacks that directly impact the education and well being of children with disability they are waxing lyrical about NDIS and Gonski. I have to question how much they really care and understand, and how much of it is a desperate ploy to garner votes in the upcoming election. And if that is true, then what will truly be delivered...

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