Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Melatonin Update

The melatonin experiment continues and is going great! Our boy has been going to sleep in less than half an hour and without three bottles of milk. He has still had some wake ups during the night but even these have been fairly brief and he's gone back to sleep easily (only 1 night terror since we've been here). He's not been having much of a daytime sleep (maybe 1/2 an hour) but he is in a strange place and we've also been doing a lot of activities during the day. That being said I've practically moved his whole room down here. The porta cot is padded with pillows, his CDs play at night, his turtle puts stars on the ceiling and he has his blanket. We've been slowly moving the sleep time back and are now at 8pm. He's very tired by then so I think we'll go to 7:30pm very soon.

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