Wednesday, 1 February 2012


Back from sleep clinic.  Ironically Connor won't sleep today, despite his eyes hanging out of his head.

We've been given Melatonin to try.  I had recently heard it was something that was used to help kids with sleep problems, especially Autism Spectrum Disorders kids.  After doing a bit of Wiki'ing it would appear it gets used for a whole heap of other things too (

So tonight is the big night.  I have to keep him up until about 9pm (which is the time he usually goes to sleep after the hours of faffing he does every night) then give him a dose of Melatonin and see what happens.  Eventually we should be able to graduate back down to a 7pm bedtime but for now that is the starting point.  We have 1 month to see if it works for him or not before we go back to the clinic.

Wish us luck!

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